13 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Know
These 13 Black-owned businesses demonstrate a strong commitment to their community. You're not only investing in amazing products when you support Black-owned brands, but you're also supporting an inclusive approach to beauty.
9 Ways that You Can Celebrate Black History Month

To call the events of the past decade historic, especially for Black Americans, is an understatement. Most recently, poet and activist Maya Angelou became the first Black woman to appear on our very own American coin. 

While each February marks a time to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of Black Americans, we want to support our local communities this Black History Month in a few meaningful ways. From supporting Black-owned brands to promoting Black artists, there are plenty of ways you can make a change and spark a conversation beyond these 28 days. 

6 Moms We Want to Celebrate for Black History Month

As we take the time to reflect on some of the brave souls who have influenced our lives and the world this Black History Month, we want to honor a few remarkable historic women who juggled motherhood and their positive impact on the Black community. We typically focus on the achievements of those who came before us, but we forget that many of them had families who had to carry the burden of sacrifice and share their loved ones with the rest of the world.

The legacy of these 6 Black mothers have made a great impact on the world during the most pivotal time in American history, all while raising children. 

What Black History Month Means to Me and My Self-Care Legacy

Let’s state the obvious. Black History is American History.


To me it’s important to say this out loud, because so often ‘Black History’ is treated like a special event that began during slavery, when Black folks existed and thrived before slavery even came into being.

Whew, chile.