Summer Beauty Secrets: 5 Tips for Radiant Skin

If your skin is sweating bullets and feeling like an oil slick, it is a sign that summer is officially here! Transitioning from the breezy spring season to the scorching hot summer sun can adversely affect your skin. It’s no secret that following a skincare routine (religiously, ladies!) will keep it from premature aging and sun damage. 

Skin Rehab: Your Summer Skin Prep Plan
Summer is here, which means hot days at the beach, pool parties, exotic trips, and soaking up the sun! While we're excited to put away our winter coats and bring out our sundresses, you might be overlooking your skincare products.
The Ever-Unique Mothers' Day Gift Guide!
Moms are quite remarkable. She's been your best friend, confidante, guardian, and so much more. With Mother's Day approaching on Sunday, May 8th, we want to offer her all the love she deserves, which makes finding the perfect present all the more difficult.
Never (Ever) Look Tired Again

Never (Ever) Look Tired Again

Have you been looking into the mirror and thought to yourself “why do I look so tired?!” Let’s face it, the world we live in is physically and mentally taxing. From mom duties to groceries to house cleaning on top of our professional career, who has the time to get eight hours of sleep while handling everything else they have going on? Nobody.

8 Super Skin Fixes from your Fridge

If you’ve tried everything from creams, serums, and potions for a quick skin fix, chances are they’ve cost you a pretty penny. It’s time to close our wallets and open up our fridge for easy fixes found right in your kitchen. Healing and nourishing our skin with foods from our kitchen and garden is both empowering and thrilling. Using natural, organic ingredients on your skin without any chemical elements is highly nutritional and effective especially if you suffer from allergic reactions or inflammation. 

With each ingredient packed with vitamins and minerals, you may want to head to your local grocery shop for your skincare routine.

The 5 Ways Spring Affects Your Skin

With the first signs of the spring season on the way, temperature and humidity levels start to rise, you might need to lay off that rich winter moisturizer. Our skin is exposed to less cold, dry air as the seasons change from winter to spring. With an increase in moisture levels in the air, warmer temperatures, and more sunshine, it’s no wonder why the spring season is a breath of fresh air. With more humidity in the air, your skin can experience sudden changes such as acne breakouts, sunburn, increase sebum, rashes, and allergies. 

It’s time to reevaluate your skincare game to work with the weather shift. The warmer months call for minor regiment tweaks that will get your skin glow-worthy for spring. 

Women's History Month: It's time to celebrate us!

Following Black History Month in February, March ushers in Women's History Month. Each year this month is dedicated to honoring the contributions made by remarkable women in history, the heights they've scaled, the barriers they've broken down, and the impact they've left on society. 

In the 1970s, frustrations over women's absence from America's national narrative reached an all-time high, prompting Women's History Month to flourish. The month celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of women in a range of disciplines, including politics, artists, educators, and pioneers all around. On this important month, across the world, every country makes an effort to encourage the social progress of women to make a mark in history.

How can working moms balance life?

Working mothers have it particularly difficult, with the impossible task of balancing work and family responsibilities. We're all in different boats after having kids, going back to work when your child is small is non-negotiable for many of us. It could be for financial reasons, or you want to continue working to climb up the corporate ladder.

There's no doubt working mothers are multitasking masters. However, between diaper duties, scheduling playdates, and zoom meetings, today's working women are finding it difficult to achieve unrealistic work-life balance goals. They don't just carpool the kids, get dinner ready, they also put in long hours at work to keep up. 

We’ve listed a few worthwhile suggestions to assist working mothers to balance both parts of their lives as smoothly as possible. 

13 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Know
These 13 Black-owned businesses demonstrate a strong commitment to their community. You're not only investing in amazing products when you support Black-owned brands, but you're also supporting an inclusive approach to beauty.