Simplified Skincare for Busy Moms

(because #momlife is complicated enough)

“Who says you'll see better skin results if you spend more time (and more products) on your skincare routine? More time? Ha! Not a luxury when you’re a mother. But give us 5 minutes and we'll give you an effective skincare routine that'll treat, nourish, and glow up your skin. (And we can prove it!) 

With our 5-minute G.L.A.M (Glow Like a Mother) skincare system, your skin will glow like you're still pregnant. It’s fast, effective, and did we mention it only takes 5-minutes?! Sorry, mommy brain. Maybe the luxury is being able to simplify your skincare routine without sacrificing the results!”

Meet Founder + Mama of Twins, Nicole

“You deserve a mommy-proofed skincare routine”

Giving birth to my twins changed everything in my life. From getting 8-hours of sleep to pampering myself with a 30-minute skincare routine, everything in my world shifted to focus on my new little obsessions.

My favorite part about becoming a new mom was finding ways to mommy-proof my favorite indulgences, such as my half-hour skincare routine. It saddened me to hear that some mothers would sacrifice life's little pleasures, including self-care.

So I wondered, "What if busy moms who enjoy self-pampering could still enjoy a skincare routine that is effective, but quick and easy?”

In 2021, my third child was conceived. Gorgeous Confidence, a three-step skincare routine, was birthed out of necessity. You might notice that motherhood changes things about you, like your body, your memory, and your daily schedule, but it doesn't mean your self-confidence has to suffer. 

With us, your skincare is simple and mommy-proofed! I realized moms who maintain their own health can give better care to their children. By creating an effective, but quick, skincare routine, Gorgeous Confidence prioritizes your skin’s health, and works to fit into your busy schedule. 

Gorgeous Confidence fits into your routine so you can maintain life’s little luxuries.

Our Values


We believe that immense joy makes life worth living. Our team operates and strategizes on everything by starting out with the question…”What will add the most joy to the lives of our community?”


We’re on this motherhood journey together! So we’re not just dishing it out...we’re also living it alongside you.


Because we’re Moms and we need to make each second count. Every product we formulate has the requirement of helping you achieve healthy and glowing skin in a fraction of the time.